Caixa Eletronica

I always got so excited to see your blazed face in the Repole colors, strutting confidently through the post parade.  Whether the odds-on favorite or a hopeless longshot, someone was always cheering for you.  Years of practice had finally stopped people from stumbling over your tongue-tricky name, one that would start to become commonplace in stakes from sprints to routes.  After seeing you race for three years at the stakes level, I fell in love with you.  And “’tis better to have loved and lost then have never loved at all.”

But my God!  This hurts.

You were the Seabiscuit of our time, Caixa Eletronica, the epitome of the American dream.  An intact stallion escaping the “ultimate equipment change,” rising from the ranks of claimer to graded stakes winner.  You were made of sturdy stuff, born of a line that traced back to great horses like Nashua, Damascus, and Man O’ War – I thought you would have made a great sire.  You were winning stakes at age eight with no signs of stopping, and this morning, you were preparing for another gritty season before fate reared its ugly head.

And Six Drivers!  I never knew of you, never knew your name, but it’s an extra pang to see another of our beloved horses ripped away from us as well.  Six Drivers had only just turned four, and had a lifetime of promise ahead of him.

One moment, the racing world sat quietly, awaiting another Saturday; the next, it was reeling with shock with the blow dealt it by breaking news over media.  The iron horse Caixa Eletronica and a horse named Six Drivers had collided.  A hope of a future for one of my favorite horses dissipated like the morning fog of a racetrack at dawn.  You were gone, Caixa…I would never see you race again.

There are no more words, now, to express my grief; I have simply run out.  I was not prepared to write something like this, not for a very long time.  Instead, here is a video of my favorite of his races.  It embodies the Caixa spirit –  hopelessly beaten at the far turn, but a winner at the finish line.  That’s a horse story we all love to hear, right?  He rose from obscurity to become a legend, and now, even in death, his name will never be forgotten.

Cash machine, indeed.  He banked nearly two million dollars for his human connections.  Farewell, Caixa Eletronica – your absence leaves a gaping hole in my heart so full of love for the horses we love to race.


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